Wow, I think I made it!

SUCCEED-post-it2_AcademicWow, I really feel accomplished. Usually, when a class is over I feel relieved! This class I do feel relieved, but I feel accomplished. I feel like Nori taught me so much. I thought I was tech savvy before, and I was. However, not in the world of education. She really knows her stuff. The first week of this class, I felt so overwhelmed with the assignments. Now in the last week, I feel relieved to finally be done with my webquest. All I have left is to record my screencast. Yay! Anyway, on to the learning outcomes.

Here are the learning outcomes for the course:

1. Analyze, learn & use current technology related to learning & education

I learned a lot of technology from my instructor and from my classmates. I learned how to use Google programs such as Google forms, Google Presentation, Google Documents, how to save in my drive, and use Google sites. I also learned how to Screencasts, make playlists on Youtube. I also learned a lot of new educational applications such as Hemingway App, Voki, Educreations, Kidblog, etc.

2. Resourcefully, consistently, & actively participate in various individual, small group and large group assignments

I learned to like group assignments. Usually, they are a drag and I feel like my group doesn’t equally contribute. However, this was not the case. I feel like my rock team was constantly in contact with each other, and my book club was also encouraging to one another.

3. Practice thoughtful, cognitive reflection about the application and impact of technology in education and culture using a course blog, course textbook topics and project development

The blog was a nice reflection tool. It allowed me to reflect on what we had learned that week, and also evaluate what others had learned. It was helpful to read what my peers had thought about the topic assigned.

4. Develop several projects integrating a variety of new technologies. Selectively narrow to the tools you found the most valuable to be integrated in the culminating project based learning activity; a WebQuest

All the projects helped lead to the final project: Webquest. Each project taught a new technology and taught tips/tricks about the technology. Then, we had to apply them.

5. Research, design, construct, and demonstrate a personally and professionally meaningful educational WebQuest

The webquest was the most time consuming project. I feel like I always thought about it when designing it. The Webquest I designed is very meaningful and educational.

By raquelgomez3

3 comments on “Wow, I think I made it!

  1. Hi Raquel! Even though we were never formally in a group I am glad that we were able to come together even though late in the game. It made me feel not so alone as Sydney had finished a while ago and Perla is extremely busy. Thank you for the encouragement and the support!

  2. Hey Raquel! This class was definitely a challenge but we all did it! It feels great to be done, we learned so much. I can’t wait to apply what I have learned. I feel like we have gotten all of the learning outcomes and we have the tools to seek out more technology knowledge.

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