Webquest: The King & His Dream

I have never been more excited to finish a project. I am so proud of this webquest and I can’t believe I accomplished all that I did.

I hope you enjoy!


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Wow, I think I made it!

SUCCEED-post-it2_AcademicWow, I really feel accomplished. Usually, when a class is over I feel relieved! This class I do feel relieved, but I feel accomplished. I feel like Nori taught me so much. I thought I was tech savvy before, and I was. However, not in the world of education. She really knows her stuff. The first week of this class, I felt so overwhelmed with the assignments. Now in the last week, I feel relieved to finally be done with my webquest. All I have left is to record my screencast. Yay! Anyway, on to the learning outcomes.

Here are the learning outcomes for the course:

1. Analyze, learn & use current technology related to learning & education

I learned a lot of technology from my instructor and from my classmates. I learned how to use Google programs such as Google forms, Google Presentation, Google Documents, how to save in my drive, and use Google sites. I also learned how to Screencasts, make playlists on Youtube. I also learned a lot of new educational applications such as Hemingway App, Voki, Educreations, Kidblog, etc.

2. Resourcefully, consistently, & actively participate in various individual, small group and large group assignments

I learned to like group assignments. Usually, they are a drag and I feel like my group doesn’t equally contribute. However, this was not the case. I feel like my rock team was constantly in contact with each other, and my book club was also encouraging to one another.

3. Practice thoughtful, cognitive reflection about the application and impact of technology in education and culture using a course blog, course textbook topics and project development

The blog was a nice reflection tool. It allowed me to reflect on what we had learned that week, and also evaluate what others had learned. It was helpful to read what my peers had thought about the topic assigned.

4. Develop several projects integrating a variety of new technologies. Selectively narrow to the tools you found the most valuable to be integrated in the culminating project based learning activity; a WebQuest

All the projects helped lead to the final project: Webquest. Each project taught a new technology and taught tips/tricks about the technology. Then, we had to apply them.

5. Research, design, construct, and demonstrate a personally and professionally meaningful educational WebQuest

The webquest was the most time consuming project. I feel like I always thought about it when designing it. The Webquest I designed is very meaningful and educational.

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Webquest: MLK

ImageWow! I can’t believe the semester is almost over and we are already working on our final project. I have learned so much about PBL in the past month. I never knew about it, and now I love it. I hope to one day incorporate it into my teaching. Since today is an open topic post, I decided to write about my web quest. I have not done as much as I would have liked, yet! But, I like it so far! I decided to do my Webquest on Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy and how it has created a diverse culture in our schools. I am really enjoying this topic because I feel students can emerge themselves in it and benefit in so many ways.

1. Students will be able to see how far America has come since the Civil Rights Movement.

2. Students will evaluate the diverse culture they live in. They will do this through interviewing their peers on their ethnicity, culture, background, etc. 

3. They will evaluate the work of MLK and how he left a legacy that still continues today.

4. They will understand the power of his movements. I have created roles for each student where they will be able to see the way MLK made his actions speak louder than his words. (EX: lunch counter sit in)

5. And so many more (that I am still thinking about)

Students will understand the legacy of MLK all while seeing things through his eyes. I really hope they are able to accomplish this challenge in the way I envision it.I am just really excited to actually finish this challenging project and one day use it on students. 

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Q &Q

Hi Joeleen,
I like your rubric. Until I transferred to La Verne, I never really had a teacher use a rubric to state their expectations. It sounds silly, but it is so nice to actually have a rubric to know what the teacher is expecting. Rubrics are such an easy way for teachers to lay out their expectations without having to explain it to the class. Before ULV, I went to Citrus and teachers would just kind of tell you what they expect. Even for younger ages, it is good to have a rubric for them. Often times students get confused when an instructor will tell them about a project, however, with a rubric students will KNOW 100% what the instructor wants.

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Quality vs. Quantity Projects


I would much rather have my students create a quality project that is short and direct than a quantity project that is lengthy and lacks relevant details. However to create a A+ project, students must find a balance between quality and quantity. For my webquest, I plan on grading students based on having quantitative and qualitative criteria. The webquest I am currently creating is on Martin Luther King Jr. and how his legacy creates a diverse culture in our schools. Each student will have a different role (role ideas are not secure yet), and in each role they will be assigned a specific task that allows them to use technology and master the content. For example, each student will need to use a video or animated character tool such Animoto or Voki where they will be required to demonstrate in a quality clip or phrase that summarizes how MLK has impacted a diverse culture in their school, classroom, family, etc. and how we would be different if it wasn’t for his legacy. I will be grading for quality rather than quantity in this part of the webquest. For quantity, I will use their storyboard to grade for quantity. Each student will create a storyboard for that is more detailed than there clip or phrase from Animoto or Voki. This is where quantity will come into play on the storyboard I will be looking for detailed descriptions depicting how they see a diverse culture in their school, classroom, home life, etc. I will be evaluating based on how much information and detail they provide. I understand it is a difficult task for students to balance quantity and quality, but they must find that balance to have a quality project.

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BIE: Amazing Race

I visited the Buck Institute for Education and read about a PBL called the Amazing Race. In this PBL, students will learn how other regions in the United Stated influence their daily lives, and will create an Amazing Race task for another class to do. They are going to be put into groups, and in the groups they will each represent a different region of the United States. Also, they will investigate the different types of geographical regions. After they research, they will create a poster (digital or hard copy) and present it to the class as a group. The project is spilt into three weeks. The first two weeks they will come up with their “Amazing Race” ideas, and learn about climate, regions, and locations. In the final week, they will be assigned their final project. In the final project, the students need to collaborate and create an “Amazing Race” for another class to complete. In the Amazing Race, the students must create challenges and tasks so that other classes will be able to learn about regions, climate, and locations through these tasks. Then, they will also present their challenge to the class.

The resources will be provided by the teacher. In addition, each group will be required to research natural resources and use Google maps to mark where their natural resources are in the region. They will also use Google maps to mark the locations of the bodies of water. In conclusion, this is a well-thought out project and filled with detail for another educator to use in their class.


You can visit the website here: http://www.leadingpbl.org/w/page/41619609/Amazing%20Race–US%20Regions

By raquelgomez3