Here comes everybody!

Picture of social media networkingToday, there are so many different social media networks and most people don’t belong to just one. The hard part is picking which to use and how to use them. When using them in positive ways, social media is very beneficial. For example, you can communicate with family or friends you don’t see from very often. For that reason, I use social media. I enjoy that you can see your family/friends and reconnect with people you haven’t seen for awhile. Also, you can be up to date with others lives. However, that can be a negative because some people use their social media pages to tell you everyday what kind of breakfast they have eaten or use it as an outlet to vent from their life. I support social media for personal reasons like I mentioned above because I like to communicate with family who I am unable to see everyday. I believe social media is beneficial in terms of education especially with all the social media sites educators can belong to for free. For instance, Pinterest is wonderful for educators and has tons of tips and resourceful ideas/ projects available. Also, there is a lot of resources available to teachers through social media such as common core standards help, different writing strategies to teach, and so much more. social-media-logos

For cultural reasons, I am not sure social media is quite as beneficial. I think for young students who use social media it can be negative. As most of us know, kids and sometimes adults can be very cruel to each other. With the usage of social media, it makes bullying much more accessible. Before kids who were bullied were only bullied at school, but with everyone able to access the internet bullying can happen anytime from any place. So for those reasons I think it is negative for our younger generations of children. Overall, I believe if used in the correct ways social media is wonderful.

By raquelgomez3

Cloud ware is great for educational purposes!


My experience with Cloud ware has been good. In these past couple weeks, I have learned so much about all the different things you can do with technology especially involving cloud ware.  Even though I have used cloud ware in the past, I really didn’t understand how it worked.  For example, I have used google docs in the past, but I had never used them in the way we did this week. It is fascinating that cloud ware holds everything, such as contacts, emails, pictures, etc.,  you store in it, and you are able to access it from any computer, mobile device, tablet, or iPad. I have grown to love cloud ware especially on my iPhone. Anything I have on my iPhone automatically syncs on my MacBook and I love it. With cloud ware, everything is accessible, easy to maintain, and manage. Once I understood how cloud ware worked, it was much more manageable.

As for educational uses, there are so many ways to incorporate cloud ware into teaching. One of the easiest things with cloud ware is you can prepare a lesson at home, store it in your cloud, and then access it at school without having to e-mail it or print it. Second, cloud ware is beneficial to students. They are able to start reports at school and finish them at home easily. This is one of my favorite options about cloud ware. You can easily start your students and show them how to a project or report using google docs. With google docs, the students can simply use it from any device or computer. Lastly, I would use cloud ware to store lesson plans and projects.

By raquelgomez3

Screen casting: Great for Educators!

My experience with screen casting was great! I have never done a screencast before or used the snagit software, but it was super easy to use and create a screencast. It took me a couple times to figure out how to properly capture part of my screen; however, once I mastered that I felt snagit was a great tool and resource to use especially for educators.

There are so many different things to do with screen casting that will benefit students and their parents, and here are some of my ideas.

  • Tutorials

I would definitely use a screencast to show the students how to use a google doc or how to use a wiki. You can show or explain how a wiki works or how a google doc works through a screencast. Also, I would explain to the students how to use either a wiki or google doc in the classroom; however, it is easy to forget instructions. Therefore, I would create a screencast so they can watch it at home. It would be very useful especially for children who need more time, they can pause and rewind it as many times as they need.

  • Lessons

Students don’t always learn in the same ways. For students, who are slower learners, need things explained in more detail, or just need extra help, I would do a screencast on a lesson that is more challenging. You can personalize it for that student or a small group of students and keep it for years to come. Also, it allows students to watch the lesson in their home and their parents can also watch it with them to help them.

  • Newsletter

Instead of sending parents home a “Weekly Letter” or “Monthly Letter” to let them know what is going on in the classroom, a simple screencast could be emailed. It would be great. Parents wouldn’t lose it (although, they could delete it!) and they could refer back to it at any time. Plus, it would save paper.

  • Projects

Projects can give some students anxiety. I know when I was in school, I always doubted if I read the directions properly and if I was going to complete the project correctly. With screen casting, I would be able to give show the directions for the project on the screen and also would be able to elaborate much more than I would on paper.

  • Teach students computer basics

Even though kids are digital natives these days, some children aren’t as tech-savvy as others. They might be able to work an app or do other things, but not understand the basics of the computer. With a screencast, I would create one on showing them computer basics. They could have it to reference for the entire school year and I believe it would be helpful (and maybe even more helpful for parents).

By raquelgomez3