The new era of Education: Technology and Learning

Ipad with rulers and notebooksLearning about digital natives and digital immigrants this week was very captivating. There is an enormous shift happening in the world of education. Education is changing and adapting to the rapid growth of technology. With this growth of technology, one is able to collaborate with others from all parts of the world and they are able to store all of their information in their computer, tablet, phone, etc. There really is no need for paper anything any more. Books come in electronic form, calendars are synced on phones, and almost anything you can dream of can be done on a computer, tablet, or phone. Since technology is growing so quickly education is also trying to keep up. Children attending schools are digital natives. Most four year olds can navigate the computer, phone, or tablet better than digital immigrants. Digital immigrants are people who did not grow up with technology at their fingertips, whereas, digital natives grew up with technology surrounding them.  Since I am a digital native I fit really well into this vision and shift of technology. New technology is going to help advance and educate our students in a way that will excite them. I believe with them being able to control their own iPad or computer they will feel empowered to learn more because technology is easy to make exciting. The students will be able to easily collaborate with other classmates on group projects, they will be able to take their reading tests online, they will be able to learn how to use technology to their advantage, and so much more. This really inspires me to teach my future students to use technology to their personal benefits by allowing them to be creative on the computer, learn internet safety, learn how to write a newsletter,etc. Those are things I am mostly excited for along with some other things like sharing web albums with parents, showing the students places in the world that they will be learning, and teaching them to do fun games (math, science, etc) to engage their learning on the computer. The only downside I see to this boom of technology is that children are more antisocial than ever. They have lost their social skills because technology allows them to not have to talk to others in person as much. Overall, technology is one of the greatest resources we have right now.

By raquelgomez3

I guess the world is flat after all…

Image of a flat world with clouds

A Flat, Flat World

Tom Friedman, a foreign affairs columnists for the New York Times and a three time Pulitzer Prize Winner, who wrote the book “The World is Flat” when he discovered the world has been flattening over time. In “The World is Flat,” Friedman explains his view on how the world became flat while we were all “sleeping.” While we were “sleeping” in an era of internet boom the world was becoming flat. Flat for ten very different reasons. Flatteners  all have one common theme, technology. Technology has taken over the world while we were “sleeping.” Friedman’s final outlook is very true. His outlook displays that now any person in any part of the world can now collaborate, create websites, look up any piece of information at any time of the day. This is huge for why the world has become flat. For example, open sourcing allowed Firefox to dominate the internet world. If the world was not globalizing in the way Tom Friedman explained then firefox probably wouldn’t be around (or wouldn’t be as successful) because two strangers were able to create this website from the world flattening. Also, I believe his outlook is dead on especially in the area of informing. The world has become so flat because now we can just go to google,  type in whatever we want to search, and then are information is listed for us. Informing has taken over technology and most of our lives because it is so accessible to anyone. Kids don’t even know the pain of looking inside an encyclopedia for information anymore.
In addition, I really agree with Tom Friedman when he said, he believes education is the only hope for continued prospericty for our nation. The flattening of the world is allowing different countries to compete with the United States who couldn’t previously compete with us. With the flattening of the world, the U.S. is struggling to depict liberal arts. Our future generations are being robbed of these things due to budget cuts. Friedman discusses how important it is for colleges to emphasize art and music for our future engineers because when they are working in their field they will need to integrate different ideas with technology.
**Second half of information was found from a Tom Friedman interview.
By raquelgomez3